Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm half a year old...

Today was my half birthday. It is also my Granna's birthday. I was sad because I really wanted to see Granna today but I the closest I got was wearing one of the outfits she got for me. Aren't I cute in my little red hat?

I tried to talk Daddy into taking me to Granna's but he said that he had to go to work. So here I'm at on my way to my Chrissy's on 09/15/2008.

The good news is that I get to see Granna next Sunday.

Last Sunday we went to Church with Nonni and Papaw. It is the church that Papa recommended for us. I get to see his friends from the foundation every Sunday. They said that they are going to tease him about getting to see me every week. I wore another pretty dress from Granna with shoes and socks and everything. I'm getting so big. Mommy and Daddy really need to baby proof, because soon I will be scooting around.
These shoes Granna got for me are really yummy.

And my dress had so many neat textures to touch.

Oh, hi!

Wow, I have a lot of people.

Here I am trying to crawl.

Can you see the teeth I'm getting?

I'm a little sleepy!

Look at my belly button! Is this what Mommy meant when she said that I was going to dress up today?

Ha, ha! Papaw is so funny!

Gosh, this teeth are sharp!

See my hair bow.

I like to sit Indian style.

I'm shy.

I can sit-up on my own now.
Mommy may have gotten a little camera happy!

Seriously, I'm getting spots before my eyes from all the flashes!
Ok, fine. But only a few more and these are the good ones...

I like the bow on the back of my dress. Nonni tied it for me.

See its cute!

On labor day my Uncle Justin and my Uncle Nathan came to visit me. They are so much fun! Here we are cheesing out together:

Here's me with Mommy and her brothers.

Finally, Uncle Nathan agreed that I was big enough for him to hold. He sure likes me.

Well, that's it for now. I have to go and pack to go to Poppy's 90th Birthday Party tomorrow. I love you all!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It has been BUSY at our house!

Life at our home has been very busy. Izzy is sitting up on her own and talking to us all the time. She also got to go swimming a few times this summer. She is a water baby.
Izzy is finally getting some hair!
She can say Momma and Dada now but I don't think she realizes that those names are for Jordan and me. Her with Nonni and Papaw being a goof!

Izzy is also started to cry when put down and to avoid eye contact with strangers. Our little girl would rather visit with her 'Press' than people.

We went on an outing on Saturday to "The Big Biscuit" and she was very good, aside from trying to steal my cup. LOL. Wonder where she learned that??

She is eating really well. She has about 5 bottles a day and she has been sleeping from 10pm to 6am at night. We are really excited about that! She is also eating sweet potatoes, carrots, sweet peas, bananas, oatmeal meal, cereal, pears, peaches and squash. Her faces as she eats are adorable. Also, she keeps trying to feed herself and choking herself with the spoon.

She really likes toys and is trying very hard to be mobile. She keeps tasting all of her stuff animals in hopes of finding a delicious one. LOL. So far no luck! Our family found a church a couple weeks ago, we really like it and think we will be going every Sunday morning.

Finally, once again let us review that we have been very busy and IZMO (me) is very tired from all the running around. Just look at these dark circles under my eyes.