Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy First Birthday!

It has been a very busy few months. I haven't had time to sign in and post b/c of all the changes recently. In January, I quit my job to become a stay at home Mom. Izzy was having a hard time gaining weight. She was only 16 lbs on my last day of work January 16th. As of today, she is 20 lbs. Not bad, 4 lbs in 2 months is no easy feat for a baby.

In the last few months, Izzy has been soaking up everything like a sponge. She is a great crawler and over Valentine's day weekend started walking though she is still wobbly. She can say so many words and imitates sounds and actions. She can climb the stairs and make the dog dance. She pretends to read and she sleeps in her crib (YAY!) like a big girl. She even started to poop in the potty in the mornings. Although that is b/c she is so regular b/c of her schedule that I can sit her on the potty at 8:25 AM and she goes. She loves the stickers and M&M rewards!

Today was Izzy's first birthday! I have a one year old. I cannot believe it! She is so big now! 31 inches tall! We had professional pictures done in the morning and her party in the afternoon. It was a bumblebee themed party because we call Izzy, Izzy Busy Bee. She is always on the go. That makes taking pictures kind of hard. I will upload several here so that everyone can see her progress. I will start with December, then January, February and end with her birthday. I should have more birthday pics after Noni sends me pics this week. I hope to be a better poster from now on and hope I haven't lost all my followers! Love to everyone!


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