Monday, June 30, 2008

Isabel loves to look around now!

Well Izzy started eating some cereal yesterday. She seemed to like it. I didn't get any pictures or video but I will tonight if I give her more. Also, she went to the pool with her Chrissy last week. She didn't get to swim because it was too cold but she did get to hang out.

I have some new pictures that I snatched from my mom's website. Enjoy!

Love to ALL!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Isabel Does Her Treatments Well

Isabel has been doing very well with her treatments. She used to scream and cry when we did her breathing treatment and clapping. For a while, we had to wait quite a while between the two but last night I did them back to back and she was fine. She only yelled at me twice. She is such a little vocal girl.

Isabel also helped make her Daddy his first Father's Day present. It was a lot of work but she finally got it all together. She was kind of tired by the end but doesn't she look so cute.

She is such a good speller already!

Also, she met her best friend last month. Here they are trying to taste each other.

She also got to met her first cousin, Daulton Ray. They hung out together but Daulton was a little sleepy.

Isabel is doing very well. She sometimes goes on burp strikes and she does think it is so funny to pee and pooh on people but she is a little doll. Just check out these shots of her.

Love to everyone!! See you next week!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Welcome Friends and Family

I decided to create a blog for Izzy. She is having a hard time typing with such small fingers. Plus, she is loved by so many people and so many of you are far away I decided you needed to be able to at least get photo and video updates. I hope everyone enjoys.

This is a photo from her photo session. She did so well.