Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Heading to Halloween Town

Things have been well super busy as usual at our home. Izzy has continued to have a wet cough for a long time with some retraction. She is going on her 4th week straight with a wet cough. She has only cultured Staph so far and is once again on Augmentin.

I try whenever possible to remain upbeat and optimistic about Izzy's health. Those of you who know me well know how much of a struggle this is for me. I am not necessarily a pessimistic person but I really see myself as a realist. Might be part of being born and raised in the Show Me State or watching several personal things not pan out. For me, hope is definitely a battle to hold onto even on good days. But enough of that, onto the amazing, annoying, angelic, naughty Izzy.

Izzy is really forging her own path these days but unfortunately, I don't think she let herself in on the plan. Most days she has a hard time deciding if she wants to snuggle with mommy or scream in my face. I have personally experienced both in the same 5 minute period. To say she is mercurial would be an understatement. Most of the time my husband and I find these moments funny but occasionally we do experience that odd phenomena called parental frustration. We each have our own ways of dealing with it. Mommy needs away time which actually is true for any conflict. My first impulse is to back down and to get space. I normally have to force myself to be assertive in the workplace and to stand behind my thoughts. Daddy wants to argue with logic and sway his opponent. I have to tell you that neither one of us are doing well on our own with this. Mommy often cannot get away and my two year old is definitely more assertive than I have ever hoped to be. So some days Izzy goes to school wearing black dress shoes, sparkly jeans, pink ballet socks, a red minnie mouse t-shirt and purple headband. I can only hope that the school thinks that daddy dressed her. Meanwhile, Daddy has found himself at an impasse with Izzy several times. The stand offs are loud and sometimes involve smacks and I'm not talking about Daddy smacking Izzy. The whole process has caused bed time to move nearly 2 hours later some nights. But as hard as being a parent is there are those special moments when you just can't imagine what it was like to be able to just do what you wanted when you wanted.

Izzy is super excited about Halloween but does not really get the concept of a holiday. She is sure that Halloween is a place that we are just refusing to take her. So when we helped her into her Tinkerbell costume for the trail Trick or Treating this weekend, she was justifiably excited. She was sure we were heading to the elusive Halloween town. Imagine her horror at learning that lots of things about Halloween are scary. This morning she told me, "Mommy, I like to be Tinker BELL. But I am scared of Halloween town. We don't need to go there anymore okay. It's a scary place."